For the attention of visitors!!!

Due to coronavirus restrictions in the museum

After the government eases the quarantine requirements, the museum will open its doors to visitors from May 5, 2020, but we remind you that all security requirements must be met. Visitors without face masks will not be admitted to the museum, the visitor must adhere to 2 m. distance from each other, as well as temporarily the museum flight simulators will be closed and the events scheduled for the museum will not take place yet.

Exhibition „S. Darius and S. Girėnas airfield“

Lithuanian aviation was born in Kaunas, at Aleksotas airfield. The airfield, which was built in 1915 by the German army, is still on operation. In the south-eastern part of the airfield the Lithuanian aviation museum is located. Celebrating the anniversary of the first hundred years of Republic of Lithuania, portable exhibition „S. Darius and S. Girėnas airfield“ (this name was given to the Aleksotas airfield in 1993) was opened at the Lithuanian Aviation Museum on February 9th. Authors have devoted most of their attention to the history of the airfield in 1919-1940, when Lithuania rapidly raised it's „wings of steel“ and Lithuanian aviators soon became known and gained recognition in the world.

In a later time, the exhibition is planned to be shown at our other partner spaces, including Germany and Czech Republic.  More relevant information about the exhibition will be available in the "Aviacijos pasaulis" (Aviation World) and the Lithuanian Aviation Museum websites: and

Exhibition „S. Darius and S. Girėnas airfield“ will be exhibited at the Lithuanian Aviation Museum until March 9th, until it will be replaced by exhibition „Lithuanian Military Aviation in the Independence Battle of 1919-1920“. If you have a chance - be sure to visit!


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PIPER PA-28-140

The PIPER PA-28-140 "Cherokee" was placed in Lithuanian aviation museum exposition. This historic plane piloted by E. Slušnys and J. Juknius on July 15, 1993 took off from Chicago Lensing Airport via Bangor (USA), Goose Bay (Canada), Narssarssuag (Greenland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Bergen (Norway ) and on July 19 landed at Kaunas International Airport, symbolically repeating the flight of "Lituanica" from 1933.


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„The aviation miniature exhibition“

The aviation miniature exhibition for the 30th anniversary of the modeling club "Sparnai 72" ("Wings 72") was opened at the Lithuanian Aviation Museum. The exhibition shows a record number (910) different scale 1/72 aircraft models. The jubilee exhibition will run until mid-May, later part of the museums' sponsored works will be exhibited at the long-term exhibition "Development of Aviation Constructions".



„The aircraft of Alvydas Vaicekauskas AV-1“

The aircraft of Alvydas Vaicekauskas AV-1, designed in 2008, has been added to the museum's collection of operating aircrafts. Vladas Kensgaila, master of such structures, helped A. Vaicekauskas to design this single-seater from fiberglass. We are planning to demonstrate AV-1 during the aviation shows.




„The first Lithuanian passenger airplane VK-9“

From 2016 October 4 museum exhibits Lithuanian-made two-engined passenger plane VK-9. The experimental eight-seater plane designed and manufactured by Vladas Kensgaila, a famous Lithuanian aviator, was tested in the air in 1999. The Serial production of this aircraft has not been started and the prototype was given over to the Aviation Museum.



„Dobi-1“ airplane model

A couple months ago to the Lithuanian aviation museum was bestowed flying model of a Jurgis Dobkevičius „Dobi-1“ aircraft. This exhibit decorates the museum's aviation history exposition, so all visitors will now be able to admire this unique plane model of Lithuanian construction.

Changing tickets and prices



Since 2015, November 2, Lithuania Aviation Museum is changing ticket and service prices. Good news for all visitors, from November 2 - taking pictures with mobile phones and compact cameras ar free!!!

More information can be found here.





”The First Jet Planes of Lithuanian Air Forces”

Everybody is invited to the event dedicated to the first jet planes of the Lithuanian Air Forces at the 8th of March, 2013. The commander of Lithuanian Air Forces (1992-2000) colonel Z. Vegelevičius is going to tell about the exploitation of jet planes L-39C and L-39ZA "Albatros" in the Lithuanian Air Forces. Also an exhibition of matchbox labels by Aleksiejus Jegorenko "Aviation and Cosmonautics on labels" is going to be displayed.

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